I never stopped, ever. I would quickly finish one task and follow it up with a quick “what’s next mommy?" Some of you have daughters like me. Have fun. :)

As I grew older that energy never faded. It gave me the chance to stay focused and relentless in whatever it was I had set my mind to. In my life I've had two desires:

  1. Be a part of everything (everything!)
  2. Be great at whatever I choose to do.

Like most stories, mine begins in junior high, obviously. That's when I realized my father was an amazing athlete. This man had been awarded in every sport imaginable.

Simple equation: dad is great = Nicole can be too.
(I should note that my mother is also awesome)

And so it began. My brother and I could be found playing basketball until the streetlights came on or rallying with a volleyball over a clothes line in our backyard – we never stopped.

But every good story demands some conflict - my first introduction to life's turbulence came in university. 

I was supposed to be an all-star athlete. By every definition I understood "great" meant MVP, All-Star, score sheets and scoreboards.

The truth hurts, but there it was:

I was not an MVP Canadian university volleyball player. I was never going to be an MVP Canadian university volleyball.

Facts are facts and I was in tears having realized them. 

Naturally, I called my father.

There is no such thing as luck, talent, beauty or potential. There is only choice. You must dig deep and hold on to whatever makes you unique, you must connect with all that you believe to be good, no matter how small it may be and work every day for the rest of your life at allowing that to grow. Choose to be great, choose to be beautiful, choose to be successful. There is no such thing as destiny Nicole, you must choose to be something and never stop believing in that choice and eventually the world will believe it too.”

Hearing those words, that moment, was like the TSN Turning Point of my young life. I realized it was possible to change my perspective on what great was all about.

Suddenly I started to see all sorts of other great things. I became a new player in the game of life and shifted my focus to understanding those around me. I became a human sounding board for my friends, teammates and family. I dug deep and placed all my effort into figuring out what they needed to succeed, what they required in order to believe in their own power, and I gave them everything I had.

After university sports came to an end I went on to study all aspects of healthy living. From nutrition to fitness and coaching – you name it, I did it.  I have since helped hundreds of people shape their lives into one that is right for them.

I use my story to teach and inspire. I use my story to remind others that it is never too late to choose your dreams. Like mine - to build a company that helps others build happy, healthy lives.

Stay Inspired,

Nicole Jolliffe, Founder

Nicole Jolliffe , founder Stay Inspired™

Nicole Jolliffe, founder Stay Inspired™



  • IOC Diploma in Advanced Sports Nutrition
    • International Olympic Committee
  • Bachelor of Nutrition (Major: Nutrition and Dietetics)
    • Acadia University
  • Bachelor of Science (Major: Biochemistry Nutrition; Minor: Biology)
    • Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador


  • Fry Family Undergratude Leadership Award - second prize.
  • Acadia University Jane Robb Memorial Prize in Nutrition
  • President of the Nutrition and Dietetics Society

  • MVP of Memorial Sea-Hawks Women’s Volleyball Team                                              

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