Back to the basics 

Your 30 Day Healthy Living Guide for Getting Back on Track!

Back to the Basics .png

This isn’t about weight loss, sculpting your body or finally fitting into that little black dress. This is about your health, your life and finally taking the step towards something that is sustainable and achievable for the rest of your life. 

So join me, as we get back to basics and learn how to make your life a great one!


top tricks and tips 

Over the next 30 days nutrition will be your number one focus. However, lets not forget that an optimal healthy lifestyle is achieved by a variety of factors. 

That is why I have included my Top Ten Tips to getting back on track within this book!


delicious recipes 

Each week you will experience new and delicious recipes that are simple to add to your routine! Every week you will learn new ways to sustain a healthy, nutritious lifestyle.