Take the Leap

She took a leap and built her wings on the way down.

She took a leap and built her wings on the way down.

You are standing on the edge, watching loose rock fall from under your feet. The deafening beat of your heart can be heard for miles. You nervously shuffle back and forth from one foot to the other. Your breath is stolen by the view and possibility, and for just a moment fear dissolves from your body. The sun rises with your confidence and you know without a doubt that you can do anything. You shuffle your feet back towards the stable ground and with one last quick look over your shoulder you leap into the unknown. The wind creates a blanket of security as you soar through the air, and without notice you become a statue in time over a giant, beautiful hole in your life.


Most days I am terrified. 

I worry about my future, my current life, and what feels like the impossible task of achieving the goals I have set for myself.

Have I made the right choices?

Should I have waited for the right time?

Is there a right time?

I mean at some point we have to “grow up” right? We have to decide to stick with something that will bring us stability, comfort, and common ground.


Or do we leap?


Can we decide that the unstable rock of our life is worth it?

I think the reason why I leap is because the thought of idling where I am because of societal pressure that I should, doesn’t bring me any sense of stability, comfort or common ground.


You hear it all the time these days.


Face the fear, do that one thing that scares you the most.


Easier said then done my friend.


You see it’s not only about taking the leap….it’s also about surviving it.

Most days I have a very uneasy feeling in my belly about the choices I have made in my life. I think about all of the sacrifices that both I and my family have made to allow me to be one step closer to my dreams.


You see taking a leap isn’t always glamours and heroic.


It doesn’t always start with “I packed everything I own in a suit case and hit the road” and it most certainly doesn’t always end with it was "it was the greatest decision of my life".

But whatever your leap may be realize this…..

Taking a chance doesn’t necessarily mean it will work out for the better or that life will become greener on the other side. I truly believe that it means that great knowledge it about to be gained.

That you are about to discover something deep and uncovered about yourself.

And whatever that may be will be invaluable in life.

Whatever you are about to learn or conquer WILL contribute positively to your life in some way or how.


You could spend a lifetime wondering what if.

And if you are truly okay with that to your core, then you have found your stability, your comfort and your happiness.


No one ever said you had to live your ENTIRE life on the edge.


But if you never step towards the edge, if you never feel your breath shorten and your heart beat roar, you may never know what you truly want, who you truly are and where you truly want to be.

My favourite stories are the ones where people sit on the edge, feet dangling, taking it all in. They see the thrill, the adventure and the possibility but decide that planting their two feet back on stable ground is exactly where they are meant to be. 

Sometimes all it takes is a little step to the edge for you to realize that your great life is all around you.

But if you are reading this right now and you feel lost, uncertain and frozen in time, know that the greatest things in life are out there waiting for you.

You may take your leap and become frozen in mid air. You may feel stuck and quickly wish you could retreat back to where you came from.  But just know that even when you feel like your life is at a standstill…you are still moving.

Idling in fear and planting your feet on comfortable ground for convenience will not lead you to where you are truly destined to be.


Take a leap….


You may jump far and wide and land confidently on your feet.

Or you may just barely make it, hanging on to the edge for dear life.

Regardless of outcome your only goal is to survive it.

To conquer obstacles with new knowledge and gain whatever tools you need to haul yourself back up again.


No matter who you are, or what you want, I am confident you can do this.


I believe you can survive anything.

It’s not about success, winning or finishing first. It’s about how you feel every single day you open your eyes.


Your life can be so full and require so little.


Your leap may be as simple and skipping a puddle in the rain or you may need a running start in order to barely make it to the other side.

But whatever your leap may be…remember it’s about learning something new about who you are. It’s about sharing who you are with the world and knowing that you are putting your best self forward.

It isn’t the thrill of living on the edge that keep people going, but rather knowing that you are always one step away from having lose gravel under your feet.


After what feels like a lifetime, you coming crashing down through the air and begin grasping for sharp edge. Pain shoots through your entire body as you ungracefully hit the side of the cliff. Fear returns at an alarming rate and you begin to feel yourself loosing grip. You panic and wonder how in the hell you got here. With each breath you can feel your fingers weakening and then to your surprise your foot finds the smallest edge to stand on. Relief begins to surge through your body and slowly a smile creeps across your face.


Because some how and some way, you made it.


Stay Inspired,








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