Wellness Wednesday

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Wellness can be defined in many ways. 

Physical. Social. Financial. Spiritual. Mental. Educational. Environmental. 

It is time we begin to create a community that supports all aspects of well being. A community that can rise up and support one another in all aspects of life, in order to create healthier and happier lives.

Wellness Wednesday is a weekly blog series that was created to turn our focus on our mental wellness – mind, spirit, and soul. Our programs at Stay Inspired have introduced topics such as motivation, self-talk, searching for happiness, and facing our fears to all of our members. We are ecstatic to have Amanda Woodcock join us for a weekly series that will dig deeper into these subjects and more - mindfulness, healthy relationships, assertive communication, boundaries, and spirituality.

We believe that positive change comes from within. 

Let's begin to shine, from the inside out!

Stay Inspired is proud to present

 Amanda Woodcock MSW, RSW



Hiya! I’m Amanda!

I love cappuccinos at local cafés, scuba diving, travelling with my family, long walks with my daughter, and talking with strangers. A new passion recently has been blogging! I'm thrilled to be a guest blogger for Stay Inspired with Nicole.

I’ve been a social worker for over ten years, working within the mental health field for almost fifteen.



Working with people makes me happy – helping guide them through tough times or cheerleading them through their goals to improve their lives. I want to do that with YOU, here at Stay Inspired!

The Stay Inspired community has been integral in my journey this past year of exploring who I am as a new mom, who I am now that I'm not within the workforce but raising my daughter, and exploring who I want to be. While Stay Inspired is about physical health, improving one's nutrition or increasing physical activity – it's also about people's mental health and journey to "wellness".


What is wellness?


1. the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.

2. an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.

I love this idea of healthy body and mind- because of DELIBERATE EFFORT!

Isn’t that fun?

I believe that turning our attention to creating healthy bodies and minds in and of itself CREATES healthier bodies and minds. It's like the magic of tracking our food… The simple act of tracking can lead to positive results in healthy eating… without even making big changes to one's diet!


I also like the idea of wellness being about prevention - We do not have to identify as being "unhappy" or struggling with our mental health in any way for it to be beneficial to do wellness work!

Perhaps a focus on wellness will bring gratitude to our daily lives because we will see how awesome things are! How lovely!

If there is a subject that you are DYING to explore in Wellness Wednesday - Contact us at Stay Inspired! We would love to write about what YOU want to read about.


Stay Inspired,
Nicole & Amanda 


Nicole Jolliffe