If you want to be inspired, inspire others.

You are probably tired of hearing that from me by now....but it is the foundation of my life.

I am so grateful to have such an incredible community of members. They inspire me every single day and are helping me grow into the person I am meant to become.

So today I want you to meet a special member of mine; Meghan Pollard.

Megan is a bright light in this world. She is passionate, inspiring and hard working. She began our program just over a month ago and has taken off! On top of being a beautiful soul, Meghan is a yoga inspiration, and we truly believe she embodies exactly what we stand for here at Stay Inspired. For Meghan it isn't about perfection, but simply the act of waking up every day and trying a little harder then the last. This can be seen in her many yoga videos and pictures, as she has been allowing us to follow her journey of self discovery through Yoga. We love Meghan and we are so proud of her personal growth and insane strength! This is just the beginning of Meghan's journey and we are so happy to have her with us! 

We asked Meghan to describe her journey so far with Stay Inspired, this is what she had to say...


Meghan Pollard- Phase 2 (Reframe your Membrane)


Let me start by saying that my fitness routine has always been a little all over the place.

I've bounced back and forth between being a total cardio bunny in the gym and thinking that I needed to live off of salads - to completely falling off the wagon for a few months at a time. I got stuck in an "all or nothing" cycle and struggled to find a happy medium.

As I entered into university, I thought, "There's a gym on campus so I can totally go there after classes". This didn't happen. Nursing school quickly took over my life and staying fit and eating healthy became an even harder battle than it ever was. I realized, after going twice, that I hated the atmosphere at the university gym and decided to suck it up and purchase a membership at the gym close to my house. Like in the past, I went religiously for a while until I burnt out. Going to the gym after exhausting 12 hour shifts of clinical began to feel impossible (although I did attempt this on multiple occasions). I became super stressed and overwhelmed. School (and just adulting in general) really started to take a toll because I wasn't taking time for self care.

I had always had an interest in yoga and wished I could be good at it.

However, I was about as flexible as a log and my only experience with yoga at the time was from a Jillian Michaels yoga workout DVD that I did about 100 times over a couple of years previous. I decided to get over my fear of doing yoga (or lack thereof) in front of other people (who in my mind would most certainly all be advanced yogis), and I signed up for a 5 week beginner yoga workshop at a local studio (shoutout to Elements Yoga and Wellness!). This involved a 75 minute class every Sunday evening. This workshop changed everything. It made me feel present and pushed distractions to the side. I felt stress free, even if it was only for 75 minutes once a week. I also wasn't even as terrible as I thought I would be starting out, haha!

Thanks Jillian Michaels for teaching me what a sun salutation was!

From this 5 week workshop, I learned some basics of yoga. It was a great base to start from and led to me getting a 2 month unlimited yoga membership to the studio. I then went to as many yoga classes as I could so I could try different types and soak it all in. Taking the time and going to a yoga class did wonders for the stress levels and also set me on a little journey that I didn't expect.

I've always been quite self conscious about my body and other people's opinions of me.

We've all been there at some point, am I right?

I decided to post a little video on Instagram of me practicing some yoga at home that I had learned in one of the classes I had attended. The video was probably only 5 seconds long and I sped it up so that it was so fast maybe people wouldn't even really pay attention. I was so hesitant to post this but I decided to anyway. Instagram felt like a safe space because I really only thought my yoga instructor would see the post. That video was posted at the beginning of January 2017. Fast forward to now, more than 6 months later, I have continued uploading yoga posts pretty much on a daily basis. This has been good for the soul, believe it or not. I decided to not be scared of what other people thought. I was posting this for me. Through Instagram, I have "met" many people in the online yoga community and am now hooked to the practice and love encouraging others.

This finally brings me to talk about Stay Inspired.

Let me start by saying that Nicole has always been such a positive person to look up to. Being from the same town, I've seen how hard of a worker she is and how friendly she is to everyone. It was hard not to notice when she started posting about this business venture she had started. I was constantly seeing motivating pictures and videos that she would post.

I was drawn to her energy and wanted to join this awesome community she had started.

I finally took the plunge and signed up. I had always thought a personal trainer was something very unattainable at this point in my life but I've been proven wrong.

I was nervous at first about taking on a commitment because I've had a hard time sticking to routines in the past, but Nicole has truly created this program for real people with all types of schedules. Like many, I realized that I find it hard to keep myself motivated long term. Being accountable to and having the encouragement from Nicole and my group has been exactly what I needed. The workouts are created to be short but seriously effective. I don't think I've ever sweat so much in such a short period of time! My previous routines at the gym have nothing on these workouts.

This doesn't require me to have a gym membership or to stock up on expensive supplements in order to get results and Nicole has provided so much knowledge about nutrition and fitness that I wouldn't have learned on my own. I had been doing yoga very regularly but still wanted something else that would lead me to a healthier lifestyle overall.

This program has not only increased my strength and endurance (which has improved the yoga by the way!), but it has given me a better foundation of knowledge about fitness and nutrition. I didn't want to go on a restrictive diet. Been there, done that. Spoiler alert- it doesn't work. Nicole has been real and has helped me learn that it doesn't have to be the "all or nothing" that I had been doing. Having an ice cream or a glass of wine doesn't have to mean falling off the wagon for months. This program has been something I can stick to because it's easy to incorporate into a normal life.

I work crazy hours and bounce back and forth between day and night shifts (I'm actually writing this while working a night shift) and I'm also still a poor student and yet I manage to get the most out of this program, so I believe anyone can.

I have never felt stronger and I'm already starting to see some results after just one month of being a part of this awesome program. Nicole goes above and beyond for her clients and I'm so excited to continue on with Nicole and this program and see where it takes me!

I couldn't ask for a better coach and a better community to be a part of!

- Meghan Pollard ( St. John's Newfoundland)

Nicole Jolliffe