Pride Rock

Photo by Lindsay Parrott Photography 

Photo by Lindsay Parrott Photography 


We are all afraid.

There isn’t a single person I know that lives a life without fear, and if they are….it’s because they are delusional or compensating.

I recently had an awesome rainy day movie date with a friend, and after a heated discussion we agreed on The Lion King.

I mean come on….it’s a classic.

After the movie we began discussing our careers….because that’s a thing you do when you get old….but nonetheless it evolved into an inspiring and empowering conversation.


Because out of the hundreds of people I coach on a daily basis there is always one common sentence I hear….over and over and over again…

Are you ready for it?

 “I would love to……*insert giant, beautiful, starry eyed, dream here*"

We all would love to, do something...however the majority of us will never begin to take a step down any path that will lead us there.

We are terrified to put ourselves out there.

Trust me I get it...welcome to the last 10 years of my life.

The world is a harsh, cruel and dark place sometimes. We all can’t Mufasa our way through life 24/7.

But if I have learned anything so far on my journey it’s that haters are gunna hate, and although sometimes the hate hurts... I always find a way to remind myself of these two rules.

 #1. I am here for me.

CAPITAL M. E. My life, my rules,my outcome. The only opinion that will make or break me is my own.

#2. Find courage for one person.

I always think about that one person who smiles a little brighter, fights a littler harder and stands a little taller all because I took initiative to put myself out there. Because all it takes is one person to love what you do, to put all of the haters out of business.

Let me let you in on a little secret…..

You do not need to be fabulous to create something worthwhile. You do not need to be a prince or princess in order to create impact and change.

 HELL you don’t have to be ANYONE but you.


That alone is enough to impact, inspire and change the world.

As the brilliant Raffaki once said “Look beyond what you see.

It is time you stop searching all around you for your confidence and pride and begin to look within.

It is time you join Simba as your rightful place as king.

So as I was sitting there with my giant bowl of buttery popcorn ( yes I am human and eat junk) watching Simba slowly take his place on top of pride rock I finally got it.

Simba ran and held back his entire life because he was afraid that who he was and what he had done was not enough. It wasn’t good fortune, praise and a beautiful kingdom that allowed him to rise to greatness.

He started his climb in the pouring rain, one step at a time….and when he reached the top he was presented with a dead, empty and dark kingdom.

But he damm well ROARED anyway…

Because it was his.

His home, his family, his life…..and his pride rock god dammit!

 **Excuse my love for Disney**

So if you are sitting there longing to start something from nothing but afraid that it isn’t enough, that you aren’t enough...remember this.

#1. Fear is fabulous

It may send us running for the hills, but remember fear also drives us home. Never forget that.

 #2. Comparison is an illusion

Whenever you compare yourself and your outcome to that of others you are dreaming. You are creating things that don’t exists to give yourself reason to give up. It is an illusion...simple as that.

 #3. Judgement is juvenile

We hate because we do not know how to love. We judge because there is a small part of us that wishes we could have the courage to go after what we want. Judgement is just the small kid in us wanting to have the bigger pony and the certificate that says we are the king of the castle.

Remember that the only true purpose you have is to rightfully take your place in your own life.

There will always be a pack of hyenas and a giant bowl of burning lava waiting for you at the bottom. But never forget you are the damm ruler of your own pride rock and that also comes with a bad-ass pride who will always have your matter what.

So stand up.

Step up.

and Be proud.

You will learn very quickly that it isn’t those that parade around talking about conquer and pride that are truly making an impact...but rather those who creep up powerfully and quietly that have the loudest roar.

 *Begin slow fade into Circle of Life*

 Stay Inspired,


NicoleNicole Jolliffe