Face the Fear








What false evidence do you see every single day?

What causes your palms to sweat, heart rate to rise and mind to shut down all possibility of moving forward?

Too often, we allow fear, worry, and doubt to dominate and define our lives. We allow it to steal our joy, our sleep, and our dreams.

Lately I have learned a MASSIVE life lesson.

Fear is the opposite of love.

I have never looked at life this way, ever. But after placing energy into facing my fears...I now know the truth of this statement.

When we give into our fears we block an insane amount of love from our life.

Self love, love from others, love for what we do, love for what we want, love for our goals, love for life.

For quite some time I have lived my life avoiding what I fear the most. I thought if I removed and ignored my fears, that eventually they would go away. This lead to me manipulating my life into what I believed would create an environment of solutions and success.

I was wrong.

Fear will always exist.

I learned the hard way that you must face fear, accept that it is temporary and allow is dissipate out of your life the way it was always intended to.

You see, you have to be willing to take the leap of faith, despite being afraid.

But too often, we hold back and play it safe, in order to avoid becoming successful, feeling embarrassed, looking silly, being hurt, and facing rejection or possible failure.

It’s our responsibility to acknowledge, face, and dissolve our fear.


Get comfortable with fear.

Invite fear into your life.

Do the things that frighten you the most.

Action builds courage, remember fear and pain are temporary. Your world expands as your courage expands.

Take Risks

When you begin taking risks and seeing the results it offers, a new standard begins to form in your mind. You are no longer satisfied with just enough, and know that in order to create something of excellence, you will need to go to the next level.

You will learn more about yourself, gain more confidence and expand your comfort zone.

Learn to fight for you

Start your day on your own side.

From such a young age we have been taught to fight against ourselves. We are taught to suck it up, push through and be something. Work harder, and you’ll get what you deserve in this life….

This all essentially stems from our belief that we are never enough. SO we fight ourselves, challenge ourselves and abuse ourselves daily.

Imagine if you took all of that hard work and energy and began to channel it towards fighting FOR YOU instead of building up a wall of resistance.

Be your own best friend, your biggest support and your loudest cheerleader.

Fear will always come knocking..... so open the door and face it.

Stay Inspired,

NicoleNicole Jolliffe