Welcome to Sharing Stories 

Welcome to Sharing Stories 

Today I want to share a story with you from one of my amazing clients. 

I was so inspired and touched by her words that I had no choice but to share it with you all. Her words depict everything our programs stand for, her success is exactly what we want for everyone that joins our community. 

4 months ago we started with one small group of people, and I was on top of the world with excitement. As of tomorrow we will officially have 5 massive communities waking up every single day all over the globe initiating change not only in their own lives, but in the lives of everyone around them.

I started this program with a hope of helping people change their lives in ways they never imagined. I had no idea the impact or the movement it would create. 

If you ever sat there and thought...

"What exactly does Nicole do?"

Take a second and read this incredible story, the truth behind her words could not describe what I do any better.

Stay Inspired,



When I signed up for this group, my mind frame was "I gotta lose 10 pounds. I want to feel like a super mom."

My mind frame now?
I am strong...Parent yourself Nikki.
This isn't a race to the weight scale, but reaching for my strongest self, everyday. If not, I'll get back on it with tomorrow's challenge that is waiting for me. 

Over the last 7 years, I have been the ultimate yo-yo dieter, restricter, supplement/gimmick buyer. I could list off all the detoxes, quick fixes, and fat burners I indulged in.
Was I happy with myself?
Well, my weight might have been down and I had an artificial band aid placed over myself. I have looked at my husband and said,
"Look how happy I was in this picture."
His response, "No you weren't, you were miserable and hadn't eaten a poutine in 6 months."

The cycle of up and down had me feeling hopeless that I would ever maintain a certain weight. Always comparing my social media pictures to, "How happy I was then." But in reality, it wasn't the physical self I was racing after, but wanting a wholeness of everyday "I got this."
When I juggled being a single mom, new graduate nurse, then the role of married with 2 kids, I was sinking into the pit of diet cycling again. 

A back injury from work set me over the edge with this dark ugly cloud. A year of chiropractor appointments. 4 months off work. 30 pounds gained (on top of my post baby weight that magically didn't disappear with breast feeding) and I felt doomed. The negative self talks were bombarding me. 

How am I suppose to get to any of the 3 gym memberships I'm paying for? I can't do half of the routines I use to do. I have 2 kids, everyone around me doesn't understand how little energy I have for their activities, let alone for some self-care. This is it. I'm just going to live with weak back muscles everyday, so who cares what food I eat as a crutch. I'm a nurse, I already know all about nutrition and exercise. There's nothing I haven't done yet. I'm never going on a trip to beach again. Why would I want to get in a bikini?"


Motivation. Positive self talks. Role models. Community. New knowledge. Support systems. 


I am so grateful to have clicked on Nicole's Stay Inspired website and just hear her videos of what I actually could be apart of.
I could get rid of this cloud?
I could have more energy?
I took responsibility for my lifestyle and everything in it. Just to wake up in the morning, check my facebook group and see a quote, or a video, or a group member post something positive, helped me take baby steps to a stronger today. An even stronger tomorrow.
"Put your feet on the floor. You got this."
Getting out of bed and having this motivation was my kick start to pushing away the dark cloud. I'm not focused on a scale or a bathing suit size.
I am strong. I 'parent myself' everyday.
There is so much this group has to offer, I just had to take the responsibility to want to change my rut. Throw away the yo-yos, it's my lifestyle that I am taking charge of!

Anytime, anywhere. I got this.
Am I a size 2 in 30 days?
Am I taking time to do the things I love with strength and confidence?
You betcha. 

Can't wait for the next months to unfold my possibilities and smash more goals I set. 
Thank you Nicole and all the girls in our community.
I am super proud to be apart of this community Nicole has created.
-Nikki Mercer 
St. Johns Newfoundland (Fill in the Blanks Member)