Be Kind

A couple of weeks ago someone asked me a very important question.


“What do you think is the most important aspect of living a healthy and free life?”


My initial answer was silence.

How could I possibly choose one aspect of life and claim that it is the most important, the most valued…..the end all, be all.

So instead I asked for time.


Answer: “ Can I get back to you on that one?”


I then began to think about my life and every aspect that existed in it. Instead of thinking of each part individually I tried to find the connecting force that brings it all together. This took me quite some time; in fact my answer today may not be the right one. But when I began to think of my actions, thoughts, goals, dreams and success it all came back to one important, beautiful thing.




I believe kindness can become your greatest weapon, your strongest savior and your step into a life full of success and freedom.


Be Kind.


It seems simple right?

Ironically the art of kindness can sometimes be the most difficult task you have ever set out to accomplish. Every single day you will encounter toxic environments, toxic situations and toxic people. These moments will push you to your limits, hurt you, discourage you and sabotage you. It is in these dark, low moments that you must find a way to take a step to a higher ground and be kind.

To live a life full of success and freedom you need to be able to allow kindness into your life and practice letting go more often.


Spitting hate to haters only creates more hate.


Over the years I have come to realize that life is all about reactivity. How you choose to react to your problems, your celebrations, your lows and your highs…..all matters. Unfortunately we tend to live in a hyper reactive society. A society that has us on warp speed leaving minimal time, to think before we speak or reflect on how we choose to move forward.

Instead we react.

We react with bold, raw emotion, and the result can sometimes be regret and pain. 


You may be sitting there thinking….is being kind really going to enhance my life?


The answer….




Be kind to yourself and you begin to reveal your greatest potential and your deepest desires. You will begin to create courage, decrease fear and wake up knowing that you are choosing to live a great life. You will begin to love yourself more and hate less, and the energy you reserve will begin to transpire into all aspects of your life.


Be kind to others and your life will open up to an endless amount of opportunity. You will begin to live a life with more fulfillment and less regret. Be kind to those who deserve it the least and then let them go…and begin to place your energy into those who lift you up, rather then drag you down.


Be kind as a service to yourself and your world. Wake up everyday and try your best to make this world a little more whole then you found it.


Remember that these are the moments that you will carry with you for life. I live my life in a forward thinking fashion. Whenever I am faced with a challenge, obstacle or tough moment in my life I always take a second and say one thing to myself…


“How would you react to this exact moment 10 years from now”


Simply put; I choose to react kindly.


I choose celebrate those who mean the most, but I never spit hate to those who don’t.


I hope that in 10 years from now I can look back on the highs and lows of my life and be able to say…I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I try my best to live a life with the same grace, wisdom and kindness that 10 years of growth will one day bestow on me.


So my answer…


Be kind, you will never regret kindness.



Stay Inspired,



Nicole Jolliffe