1 % Success



One word I see every single day.

This one word holds an immense amount of power over us all.

For me success presents motivation, support, celebration, and triumph.

But it can also pair up with stress, doubt, deadlines and pressure.


Success is one thing every single human being on this planet strives for in some way or another. The beautiful thing about success is that it can be defined a million different ways by a million different people.


What does success mean to you?

Does being successful define your life?

Is it the most important aspect of your existence?


I believe true success is freedom.

When you are living and experiencing the most successful life you could possibly have, you are experiencing absolute bliss. As I sit in a little café jotting down notes for this blog, I found myself making a list of some of the most successful people I know. As the list began to lengthen I smiled a little because they were all there for completely different reasons, yet they all had the same life traits in common.


They live freely.


What do I mean by this?


They are accepting, grateful, humble, generous and kind. They have conquered what most would never dream of, yet they accept every single day for what it is….opportunity. They never discredit, limit or remove themselves from the spotlight to create comfort for others, because they simply shine….always….and most have no idea how great they truly are. To them life is a constant opportunity to grow, to learn and to discover.

They are free to be whoever they wish because they create that freedom every single day. They live creative lives, and jump into their passions with a full heart and arms wide open.

What I love the most about them is they are constantly growing, just a small fraction at a time. Who they are today, may not be who they choose to be tomorrow. But whenever they make a choice, they do it with a bravery and fierceness that goes unmatched.

When I think of a successful life that brings me freedom and bliss I think of 3 things.

1. Be Authentic

As the famous Elizabeth Gilbert says: “Most things have already been done- but they haven’t been done by you.”

 Be true to who you are, always. Realize that who you are will bring both love and hate your way. But you are not on this earth to please others, you are here for you….so make it worth it.

2. Be Brave

If you are living a comfortable life then you are avoiding what you fear the most. Fear is what leads us to the edge of our comfort zone; it leads us to a higher ground of understanding, and is often what holds us back from greatness. Be brave, be bold and grab your fears by the hand and walk side by side through life with them.  They will never leave you because they are always recreating themselves…so stand up, show up….and take that first step forward together.

3. 1% Success = 100% Freedom

Evolve and redefine yourself every single day. Always strive to grow, gain new skills and discover yourself.

Never stop…ever.

You were not born to be one type of person, you are not destined to live a certain type of life….you can become whatever you choose…all you have to do is keep moving forward….1% at a time.

You have everything you require to create a successful life.

Live freely

Live creatively

But more importantly understand that 1% today becomes 2% tomorrow, and your life will be full of 100% successful moments.

Never be afraid to start from 1.

Do it over and over and over again.

Live your life 1% at a time.

I promise you, 100% that you will not regret it.


Stay Inspired,




Nicole Jolliffe