You Year


It is January 23rd and I personally feel like I have yet to begin my BIG New Year.

My start to 2018 has been tough, slow and a total grind. 

Is anyone else feeling me?

Every year thousands of people take the time to create New Years Resolutions, and I love it...really I do. I have said this many times before, I can get behind ANYTHING that is going to promote people to go after what they truly want in life.

However, I also know how much disappointment and frustration a New Year can bring.  Sometimes the idea of starting fresh and recreating a new you feels an awful lot like taking a baseball bat to your confidence piñata...and trust me there are no delicious treats inside. 

So this year I have decided to make a You Year Resolution


What is the difference you ask?


As my brilliant brother Bradley Jolliffe would say...

A “You” year is not about deciding to make a year’s worth of changes in a day or completely flip your life upside down, it’s about permitting yourself the ability to retake control over your life and make more mindful and conscious decisions to achieve happiness. A “you” year is about coming to the realisation that there are so many moments in each day that you can start to control and be present in.

Happiness cannot even be thought about if we fail to recognise that we are imperfect.  We need to strive towards being a happy and genuine version of ourselves and not what we have been fooled to think is happiness. So many aspects of life are relative and so many issues are self-created.

Health is important and a key aspect to our sense of self.

Health is both physical and mental and the two need to come together to start to have “you” moments to shape this “you” year that you are about to be a part of. Health is losing the anxiety and fear that keeps you in your house, that prevents you from taking a chance, from making small changes in your daily life, from really waking up and letting all of the moments know that you are here and you will be heard.

This year I want to stand up and be heard.

I choose to be real, genuine and happy. I want to take every day one moment at a time and learn to be present in my own life.

2018 will be a ME year, one where every goal, decision and change will be done with my very best interest at heart.

I hope you all do the same <3

Stay Inspired Everyone,
Nicole JolliffeComment