Obstacles to Goals




Ok. You’ve made some goals. You have big plans this month. You’ve even made sure they are SMART goals! So why OH WHY can’t you GET OFF YOUR BUM and get CRAP DONE! Because as important as your goal may be to you… staying status quo may be more beneficial… for now.


Let me give you an example -

Of COURSE, exercising has benefits.

Of COURSE, not exercising has downfalls.

BUT – does NOT exercising have benefits?

Does exercising have downfalls?



We are two weeks away from our shortest day of the year. Is anyone else struggling like me? I’m dying guys. Like, seriously. This time of year is SOOOO HAAAARD! As soon as my daughter is in bed around 7:30pm, I’m instantly in HYGGE mode – fuzzy jammies, furry slippers, warm tea, and some feel-good TV. To be honest, I would get into comfy mode around 4pm if I didn’t need to cook and eat dinner.

The idea of working out at home or going to the gym anywhere between 4-9pm is pretty much torture to me. I know it’ll feel GREAT if I just do it, but I must acknowledge the cons too. We can’t ignore the costs. I suppose I could get up before my daughter in the mornings at 7am to exercise. The benefits of NOT doing that? My WARM BED and cuddles, yo!

There can’t be any costs to exercising though, right? It feels great when ya just DO IT! Nope. I don’t know about you, but that first week or two of working out after a time off HURTS. That’s a cost! It’s a deterrent! At least for me. When I exercise, I suddenly feel new aches and pains that didn’t seem to exist before. What’s UP with THAT?


“Wow. Amanda. This is all so NEGATIVE! Why are you telling us all the reasons NOT TO EXERCISE? We have signed up for a fitness program, for Pete’s Sake!”


Because it’s super important to acknowledge why it’s hard to change. We need to give voice to the obstacles. How can we get around obstacles if we can’t SEE them?

I came across this Decisional Balance exercise when I was trained in Motivational Interviewing, a therapeutic approach useful in addictions treatment. When making goals, we KNOOOOOW why it may be good for us to change (such as exercising, quitting smoking, eating healthier, ending a relationship, etc.…) but we deny to ourselves (and others) that there can be downfalls to change.



Homework time.


You know that goal you made last week after doing your Wheel? If you haven’t done a wheel, go to last week’s Wellness Wednesday and DO YOUR WHEEL!



Ok. Back to your goal… using that goal, fill out a decisional balance. Don’t think too hard, just free flow brainstorm the good, the bad, the ugly.


Let Nicole and I know your GOAL in the comments, one COST of changing, and one benefit of NOT changing! WE WANNA HEAR FROM YOU or tell us if you found this exercise helpful or not! If not, good'nough!



Until next time,
Stay Inspired!

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