Lose the Limits

your only limit is you.png

Let's talk about limits. 

Truth Bomb: Most limitations are self-imposed and are not “real”

Minion Voice: whhhhhaaatttt?


Yep, I know, this is ground breaking stuff right here.

Your limitations are NOT real!

I first came to this realization about a year ago, right around the time I decided to launch a health and wellness program that has completely changed my life. Join me for a second as we jump into this time warp and revisit that day.

*Cue back to the future music here*

It was November 1st, 2016 and I had just launched my very first FREE challenge group to the online world. I was terrified, uncertain and sleep deprived . The only thought that went through my head all day was, "What will people think?". Followed by "Who do you think you are..Jillian Michaels?" and then taken home with "There is no way I am capable of this".


Although I appeared to be the poster gal of "getting her shit together", I most certainly was NOT. I more so resembled those shrivelling, shrieking creatures outside of Urcelas dark castle (you all know what i'm talking about). I was on the NEGATIVE NANCY train, and quite frankly I had been on it for longer than I like to admit. I had become so accustomed to automatically believing that my goals were impossible and that my deepest desires were only fairy tale worthy, that I totally forgot about all of the things I WAS capable of. 

Towards the end of November I remember sitting down and reflecting on my very first attempt at running a wellness program and it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks. For the first time in a long time I was doing, and maybe I didn't fully believe I could...but I still kept going regardless of what was waiting for me. Without even knowing it, I chose to simply not accept the crash and burn ending.  Before I knew it that thing I said I couldn't do, I was doing. That goal I said would never happen, was happening and that feeling I said I would never get back, well it arrived and slapped me right up side the head. 

The answer to ALL of my problems, was ME!

Let's time warp back shall we?

*Cue Starwars music for the win*

So today I am here to tell you this....
The next time you think you cannot be or do something, realize you impose that on yourself. It’s almost certain that you learned to think that you cannot be or do something from someone else.


Because this is YOUR life.

It won't always be pretty or this awesome under dog, come back story, but it will still be yours. You have to keep going, through the good, bad and the ugly. Even when what lies ahead looks like the worst and lamest party on the block...you gotta show up anyway. Oh and don't worry there will be times when you are standing in the corner because you have learned to limit yourself by taking on the opinions of others.

BUT NEWS FLASH.. you are the one that keeps it alive!

I know it isn't always as simple as this, but 9 chances out of 10, whatever you think is possible for yourself or whatever you think is not possible for yourself is on you.

Your limitations are self-imposed. It’s time to question your “limits”.


Trust me, I know this is one habit that is going to take some serious ball busting courage to break, because we are so use to responding to a limiting belief or thought with automatic acceptance. 


Well because somewhere on this journey that is what we have learned to do. We have learned to question our thoughts, our capabilities and our beliefs. Too often we feel stuck or held back from something we want to change or do because we have self-imposed a belief that tells us, we can't. 

I know, it suuuccckkkkkks.

My solution to avoid another round trip on the Negative Nancy train?

 I have learned to ask myself this one question.


How do I know I can't?



I know, I stumped yah on that one right?

As you sit there in silence remember there will come a time when your mind will begin to challenge you and you are ready to wave the white flag and surrender.


Just don't accept it.

Keep pushing step by step, day by day, pass this so called limit. Find just one reason why you can, and forget all the rest. 

Lose the limits, and find yourself. 


Because you ARE capable.

Because you CAN do this.

And if anyone tells you any different I challenge you to ask them one question....

"How do you know I can't?"

Stay Inspired,