Life Satisfaction

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Hey everybody! Wellness Wednesdays are BAAAACK!

Today I’m going to talk about Life Satisfaction.


How Satisfied are you?

Here is a handy tool to see exactly where things are going well and where you would perhaps like to make some improvements. I’ve used this tool for years with clients in addictions services, as well as with youth looking to find their way. Not only do I use it with clients, but I find it SUPER helpful in my OWN life!


I introduce to you…. The Life Balance Wheel!


life wheel.png

I hope that you note many of the areas of “Flourishing” within this wheel.


The important point of this exercise is to ponder your level of SATISFACTION… not what someone else may think, but how YOU feel. For example: You may be perfectly satisfied being single, focusing on your life goals - You may rate your level of satisfaction as a 5/7. If you were to ask your mother, she may think you will never be truly satisfied without a significant other… but… her number doesn’t count here (wink wink). Some days, you MAY feel lonely and want NOTHING more than love and romance. Your satisfaction may drop to a 2 on those days. Totally cool! Remember that you are rating how you feel today, in this very moment.

I’m hoping that we can attach this Wheel to the blog post in a way that you can print it. My request to all of you is that you PRINT this wheel and DO the activity! Highlight your level of satisfaction in each of these areas. The beauty of this activity is it can help us acknowledge the areas we are feeling ok with! It helps us acknowledge our strengths. While, yes, we may not be 100% satisfied in ALL areas of our lives, we are KICKING BUTT in lots of’em! (high fives for everyone!!!) And while there are areas we would perhaps like to boost a bit; they aren’t all THAT bad.


This activity has helped me immensely in the past couple of months. Earlier this year I was super focused on my physical health. I was post-partum, my wedding was in May, and my closet of lovely pre-pregnancy clothes was mocking me. I was NOT satisfied with my physical health and fitness. My body was still recovering from building a babe. Totally understandable! I put aside a lot of time and mental energy to get fit… and by August of this year, I was feeling burnt out from being SO focused on fitness. Though I wasn’t as slim as I was before my pregnancy, I was to the point where I felt I looked fine, my clothes fit, and I was walking our neighbourhood with my daughter on a daily basis. I may not have been kicking ass at my fitness like I used to, but darn it, I was satisfied!

I had to step back and re-evaluate my current values. Using the wheel, I saw that things had changed! I was feeling dissatisfied in the areas of the wheel around my life purpose, my personal improvement, and bringing my unique gifts to the world. Socially I wanted to establish more mom/parent & baby friends with my daughter, see my mom more often, and connect with my community.

So! I made new goals!

I began focusing on weekly parent groups with Dot and pursuing more playdates. I made a goal around blogging regularly. I vowed to feel less guilt around not working out 3-4 times a week at the gym or with a trainer, since I was staying active daily by walking everywhere with Dot. I wanted to be able to do IT ALL, but… I’m human. (smirk)

Back to you!

Have you highlighted your wheel???

If not, DO IT! (hands you a highlighter)


Once your wheel is highlighted – ask yourself – what is ONE area that I could boost just ONE level of satisfaction. Pick a section of your wheel and make a SMART goal to boost that area ONE notch of level of satisfaction.



My smart goal was –

I will blog 3 times a week for one month.

(2 posts for and 1 post for Stay Inspired per week)


Now, this part is exciting. You can make ONE goal and it will boost more than that one area of your wheel! I focused on my blogging. By boosting my satisfaction around “career, bringing my gifts to the world” – it helped boost soooo many other areas of my wheel! I was more satisfied with my personal improvement, my life purpose, my skill development, my fun/hobbies, my mental/emotional health, and my relationship with my significant other.


ALL this satisfaction from ONE GOAL!



I hope this helps you focus in on your values, areas of your life where you would like to do a bit of work, and maybe clarify ONE goal.

Next week, let’s talk about what can get in the way of goals. Many of us are great at SETTING goals – but what gets in the way of ACTING on our goals?


Until next time!

Stay Inspired, 



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