What is Inspiration?


It has been quite some time since I felt inspired enough to write. I have picked up a pen or my laptop a number of times hoping the words would find me—but they haven’t.

Until now.

Lately I have been reading numerous blogs from so many impressive, funny, and intelligent people. I love taking small moments of my day to view the world from the perspective of others.

It is fascinating.

I have also taken time to explore my social media and educate myself on what the incredible and uplifting people in my community are accomplishing. Taking time to view life from different perspectives is important, crucial really. We need to educate ourselves, empathize, and find compassion for things we do not fully understand. As I was reading material written by others in the wellness industry, I found myself wondering why I chose to focus on inspiring people.

What is inspiration?

Do I even really know the answer to this?

START (2).png


It finally hit me a few days ago. I realized why I wish to build an inspiring community. As I was reading and taking notes on so many different articles, posts and professionals in the industry over the last month I came to 3 very large realizations.

1. Everyone believes their way is the best way.

There is an endless amount of information out there when it comes to health, wellness and fitness. Millions of diet books, self-help series and every style of fitness program you can imagine. This industry is a tough one. Competition is steep and everyone wants to make their mark one way or another.

2. Sometimes our views and powerful advice stems from our own insecurities.

Blogs are currently one of the hottest trends. Anyone can start one and begin to share their experience, knowledge and vibes with the world...IT’S AMAZING! I love the blogging community! But sometimes when I read a blog with a powerful voice and leave feeling a little less sure about who I am as a person, I often wonder if their topic of choice harbours some level of insecurity? After all, sometimes we choose to criticize things we don’t understand or more often things that make us feel uncomfortable.

3. Shame to success.

I will use the fitness industry for this one, although you will find the same tone with career goals, money goals and lifestyle. The one tag line I see everywhere is “No excuses”, followed by an image of a beautiful man or woman who has pushed through a 16 hour work day and tops it off with an intense 45 minute workout.

First and foremost, hats off to you my friend...


You inspire me, you do.

What doesn’t inspire me is the sentence that follows which tells me if I can’t get my ass off the couch after a long day then I never will. If I can’t find the time to do exactly what you do,  I will never look like you or be successful like you.

Although I hear your message loud and clear..that simply is not true.

Shaming people about the life they currently live is not providing them with a healthy transition to create positive, sustainable change.


So how does this lead back to inspiration?

I think after taking a full month to sit on this I have realized that I do not wish to pigeonhole people into what “I believe” is the best life.

I simply want to provide you with the confidence and support to live the life you choose.

Let me explain by revisiting my 3 realizations from this past month.

1. My way is not the best way

My way is ONE way out of millions out there. I choose to support and applaud those who stand next to me in this industry, there is strength in numbers and we all want to help build healthier lives. We are all unique and bring something different to the table, so I am here standing up and applauding your effort!

My approach to life, nutrition, fitness and wellness is a broad one. I believe we all must find what works for our own lives. I vow to provide my best guidance in as many approaches as possible to ensure you are healthy, balanced and happy and if I can’t provide you with that...I will find someone who can! One thing I will never, ever tell you...is you are wrong for living the way you do.

My job is to help and inspire you to want to create change, not tell you that you need to change.

If I have learned anything on this journey it is this...

True beneficial change comes from a deep personal desire to want it. No one makes that decision for you. You must be ready to take that step and it must be something you do for you.


2. Releasing Vulnerability

I believe one of my gifts is my willingness to share my vulnerability with the world. I am constantly sharing my struggles, insecurities and hardships. Many of my personal blogs, posts or statements stem from lessons I have learned or the topic is based upon something that I personally struggle with or find terrifying to talk about. But I wake up every single day and do my very best to always place the shoe on the other foot before I open my mouth. There are many days I fail at this, but I will never stop trying


Criticism will come, welcome it.


But listen to me when I say never change who you are because someone else doesn’t agree with it.

If you wanna dream big...dream big.

If you want to quit your job and embark on a self sales journey with an online company, go for it.

If you want to wake-up at 5am for your run and workout, or place your baby in child care while you go to a fitness class…..do it.

If you want to sleep in, and enjoy a spontaneous day of whatever comes your way...then all I ask is...can I join?

If you wish to work 60 hours a week because your job is something you love and you are working towards something bigger than you ever imagined...then work.

Your life doesn’t have to be a fitness commercial, a CEO meeting or a parent of the year award to be great.

Your life simply has to be yours and over time all I hope is you learn to live a balanced, healthy and happy life...

that you love

My point is there will be a ton of criticism that will be thrown your way, regardless of what you choose to do. We are all insecure about something, and sometimes when we see others excelling in areas that scare us, we choose to point a finger instead of patting them on the back.

I want to inspire you to live whatever life you choose, and once you make that choice. I want to encourage, applaud and motivate you to never stop living.

3. Support Success

Success is a funny word. I mean what does it even mean to be successful?

We all define success differently, right?

So why is it that today it is very common to shame someone to success? If you haven’t read a Brené Brown book and you are looking to understand shame a little more...she is your gal.

One thing we are all guilty of is shaming others. We do it subconsciously, without even realizing it. One thing I have learned over the last year is we all carry around enough shame to last a lifetime. There is no one who will shame your more, then you. Remember that the next time you  find yourself in a conversation with a friend or stranger and they are telling you what they do or describing their latest quest in life.

They already carry shame, with or without your input.

Some of the categories we are very quick to shame others in is money, careers, parenting, ageing, religion, addiction, appearance, failure, and education. I hope to always support the success of others, I hope to inspire people to step outside of their comfort zones and support, rather than shame.

I challenge you to be more ACCEPTING.

I challenge you to be OPEN.

I challenge you to be KIND.

Shame is not the answer.
Inspiration and support can be a step in the right direction.


With these 3 realizations came one powerful message.

We are stronger in numbers. Choose to support one another instead of verbally and physically dividing us all. We may all walk different paths in life, but essentially we will arrive at the same destination. We are most powerful when we come together as one. 

That is what inspiration means to me.


I want to inspire you to live.

Inspire you to be kind.

Inspire you to grow.

Inspire you heal.

Inspire you to support.

Inspire you to create positive change.


What is inspiration?

The answer is up to you.


Stay Inspired,