New Year, New You: No Thanks!

Photo By: Lindsay Parrott Photography

Photo By: Lindsay Parrott Photography

Over the past couple of weeks I have watched people begin to settle into the new year quite nicely. Reading posts of achievement, confidence, and pure happiness, it's exciting watching people begin to get into a routine of success! However, there are many who people find the first week of a new year annoying:

#1.   Gyms are crowded

#2.   Social media posts are endless

#3.   Motivation is in overload


Personally, love it!

I love how people find a way to ignite their personal desires and goals. I love the determination, honesty and effort. Who am I to come down on any individual that is trying to wake-up every day and create positive change in their life? If you require the beginning of a new year to do this, then….GO FOR IT! However, I would like to shed light on how many people are actually able to sustain the “new you” every single year. I would like to shed some light on the disappointment, frustration, and pain new years resolutions can sometimes bring to one's life.


How do you get around it?


Simple….realize that there is no need for a brand “NEW” you.

You are who you are because of the experiences you have endured in your life. Through pain you have learned lessons, through failure you have learned how to create success, and within what you believe to be your worst qualities is an endless amount of opportunity to grow.

I am guilty of using a New Year to start over; ”this year will be the year" has been a common tag line in my life.

Over the years I have come to realize that I do not need one single moment or count down to a calendar day to begin to create change in my life. I have also realized that who I am isn’t so bad, and although I am ambitious and goal oriented—I still have an awful lot in my life to be grateful for.

Although the excitement around January 1st is contagious and inspiring, I challenge you all to find what creates that excitement for you daily. You will soon realize that every single day is an opportunity to wake up and work on a newer version of yourself. Life is meant to be lived in a forward fashion.


Taking steps forward in your life will ALWAYS require new experiences, new skills and change.


So I challenge you to NEVER stop trying to create a newer you. I challenge you to always remain open to possibility, and never stop working on yourself and your life. Use every experience both good and bad as a chance to learn, and as a step to move towards the person you truly want become.

It doesn’t matter if it is a new day, month or year. There is only one thing that you can expect from yourself…..and that is to be the best possible version of yourself that you can be.

Try new things and fail….Learn and then try again!

Allow negativity into your life and then balance it with a choice to never stop working towards the things that bring you happiness.

Realize that life isn’t perfect and some days self love and appreciation will feel impossible….and that’s okay!

Dig deep and connect with who you are and celebrate that person EVERY SINGLE DAY!


Accept yourself and then begin to evolve.


You are a masterpiece and 2017 is just another opportunity to continue to work on the best piece of art you own…..YOU!!


Stay Inspired,

Nicole Jolliffe