Where do I fit In?

Let’s begin with an impossible question that will forever be followed with a never ending blank space...

Where do I fit in?

A common question that is often followed with an array of answers or 10 rules or guidelines to follow in order to make a change or difference in your life. We are starved for an answer, a shortcut or simply a plan that will allow us to achieve greatness. I have tried it all, every nutrition plan, fitness program or the latest technique in shaping yourself into a better you. One thing they all have in common is dedication. They all require you to step outside of yourself, try something new and push yourself to your limits. 

But shouldn’t we all dedicate ourselves to our own lives?

After completing two undergraduate degrees in nutrition, spending a lifetime competing as an elite athlete and currently completing graduate work in Sports Nutrition, my views and opinions on optimal health, have changed drastically. 

What can I do to become healthier?

A common question…..an endless answer.

Where do I begin?

Let me first start with this constant desire to always compare…

Stop comparing yourself to the common everyday bodybuilder, top athlete or every sculpted man or woman that passes you by in a run of day. They dedicated their lives to their fitness and their bodies, which is why they achieve the results that they do. They are disciplined, dedicated and work hard everyday. There is no shortcut or quick program you can do that will produce the same results; the only program that will lead you down this road is sacrifice, hard work and time. If you want it, you must work for it. 

Secondly, a sculpted body does not always equal optimal health. You can be healthy at various sizes. A sculpted stomach and a limited diet does not always render a healthy body and mind. 

Thirdly: you can achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to. If that happens to be that famous six pack, well lets get started! But please listen to me when I say that you do not have to be lean and built in order to live a happy, full life. 

This is about YOU. No one else. It’s about waking up everyday with a desire to do the best that YOU can. It’s about outlining your goals and your dreams and realizing that anything is achievable. If your goal is to lose weight, run 5km, create a healthier lifestyle for your family or enhance your performance in your desired sport…. you must believe that it is possible.  

In order to create a better tomorrow, one must accept the state of today. You need to accept who you are, because it defines everything about your life. Accept both the good and the bad, because without that balance there is no room for improvement. 

Achieving optimal health is about so much more then food intake and exercise. It’s about emotional support, a desire to grow and awareness that we all live different, unique lives. 

We all have challenges in our daily lives that make everything seem impossible..... But I am here to tell you that there is an answer for everyone. There is a healthy plan out there and all it requires is for you to do the best that you can, for your given situation. 

I am asking you to NOT change who you are, but rather evolve and develop a desire to always want more, to always want to improve. 

I am here to tell you that every small milestone is worth a lifetime of celebration and the only one who will ever understand its value is you.  

Accept yourself and then evolve. There is a reason why we are all different. Being unique is one of the most powerful qualities you will ever possess.

Why fit in, when you can stand out?

Stay Inspired,


NicoleNicole Jolliffe